I live with a spiritual lady by my side all the time….don’t worry it’s nothing supernatural. She is my Mother or to be a little clear she is an ‘Indian mother’. Born and brought up in a Hindu Brahmin family during 70s & 80s so we can make a guess she was taught how to be a good housewife and a loving caring mother which she is to her best of abilities but one more thing she was taught very strictly was not to question, “WHY?” which sadly I couldn’t grasp from her. So every time she switches the channel to listen to some spiritual beings of the earth I question about what they preach and her answers never satisfy my inner being. I am unable to get the logic and rationale behind their talks sometimes and I even don’t have anybody who can quench my thirst of the reasonable answers.

One day I was searching movies to watch and I encountered a movie named “Ankhon Dekhi (2013)(English translation- observed by my own eyes)  and I realized, I need to know the things myself but how? best way –READ. So now I have taken aboard a flight to know the things myself by reading them on my own. BUT? where to start from? I was confused. “Why not start it by my own name”- I thought. How did I get this last name for myself? I was curious to know the origin of it hidden in our Hindu Mythology. I searched for books on it and here I got! a good one for myself and I wished to share my views on it with you all in this blog. I know many would not feel like reading it but then I feel the book is not about an individual or his achievements but it tells more about the hidden potential of a human being and the powers that his unconscious mind holds.

OK. Not keeping much of suspense now, The book is called “VISHWAMITRA” by “DR VINEET AGGARWAL”.



When I started reading it I had a fear that I might not get what the book wants to say because I was not accustomed to many of the Hindu mythology characters but then as I began reading, my aversion went off slowly and steadily.

Dr.Vineet Aggarwal, a doctor by qualification, a manager by profession and artist by passion who is also the author of the popular online blogs Decode hindu mythology ( has presented the book as an interesting mix of science and mythology.

The mythological fiction has a lot to tell me not just personally about my name but also spiritually about the being that we all are. I chose this as the first to be reviewed because I have a personal connection to the book as I find the protagonist “Vishwamitra” to be very similar to myself “the man who dare to challenge his limits”, “the man who does not follow norms blindly”, “the man who seems to be of older generations, but resembles more of 21st century thinking being”.

The book has 40 Adhyaye (chapters) with easy to understand usage of words (didn’t have to look too much in the dictionary!) and also the chapters end with very good formation of the picture the author wants to create in the mind of his readers, so we can easily connect with the next chapter. With every adhyaye ending, the yearning to read next increases double fold and you feel the urge to not stop till you reach the last and get to know the conclusion of how this man conquered his own limitations by his tough penance.

The author has very well explained many of mythological happenings with good reasoning and even has tried appropriately to attach science behind the mystic weapons and powers he has described in his book. This has to lead to an extra point from my side as I could satisfy my mind with his applied logic and analysis.

To add to more of your curiosity about this book, the book does not merely talk of the struggles of a man who is firmly moving towards his goal but author elaborates very romantically the love life of Vishwamitra with nymph Menaka. This part of the book takes you to the lone island of the two, where they both create their own world of happiness ignored of the destiny that soon shatters both into pieces. This takes back the broken Vishwamitra on his path of becoming a brahmarishi- the ultimate and most powerful of all gurus (teachers).

Overall, the book is specifically good for enthusiastic Hindu mythology readers who wants Mythology with toppings of rationality and pinch of science. In general, the book can be read by any book reader who is in search of good reading stuff for his or her mind and those who wants to know mythology by reading on their own instead of listening without asking WHY?

I would conclude the review by saying a very beautiful line from the book itself:

“let the noble thoughts come to you from all over the world” -Rig Veda


NOTE: The Paperback can be ordered online from

(these links are not associated to any paid promotion)

Amazon (with Kindle edition also) (English & Hindi both available)

 (English & Hindi both available)

(English & Hindi version available – can visit for second-hand books )

CAUTION: The book contains one or more scenes describing intimate interactions between two unmarried characters. The readers are advised to read the book as per their sensitivities to the context.




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