NEW AS A READER? this book can Ignite reading in you!

This blog is especially for those who are new into reading and don’t carry many books in their bucket list or the ones who want to begin reading but are confused which book to pick up?

Here is a simple, plain to read and easy to grasp book for you all to develop a love for reading and to start your reading journey with a book that I would love to describe as “heart-touching”.

I encountered this book when in class 11th it was introduced in our school curriculum as a novel to be read in the summer holidays. Truly admitting this was the first novel introduced in the curriculum that I read sincerely & so fondly not because its language was easy to read but the stories somewhere ran through my heart and made me awestruck and I lost myself in thoughts for a while.

A ‘Book in the curriculum’ has become a ‘book with lasting significance’ (I look up to the book for some beautiful life lessons when I am in my ‘not happy with the world zone’)

Now coming on what the book is called & what it carries inside, I will start with its name “WISE & OTHERWISE” by “SUDHA MURTY”, the book was published in 2002 and also has a revised edition published in 2006 (which I read and still reads when feels the urge- yes! I feel the urge to read its chapters – I personally like the book and wants to leave it as a legacy for my generations ahead to read it at least once)

I am going to share the book cover page and the summary page from the copy I carry with me instead of a picture from the internet (you will be able to realize how dear the book is to me that I have even etched my name on it so that I don’t ever lose it to somebody).


Although it’s said “never to judge a book by its cover” but by looking at the cover one can interpret the simplicity that the book will carry even in the content.

NOTE: The cover of the new edition is changed since I carry 2006 edition. But content inside is same. (NEW EDITION FRONT AT THE PAGE END!!!)

Now talking about the proper genuine review instead of showing my personal affection with the book, it has a total of 51 chapters of short stories that are real-life incidents and experiences of Ms. Sudha Murty and she has shared them very beautifully in her plain stitch sentences.

These stories revolve around one facet that is ‘countless shades of Human Nature’. It covers all forms of human emotions and feelings under the sun be it love, hatred, jealousy, cleverness, generosity, mercy, sacrifice, cruelness or any other.

There are stories of a man dumping his seventy-year-old father in an old age home declaring him a homeless stranger to stories of a sick woman who remembers to thank even as she is dying. Stories of a couple where the wife earns more and too much money spoils her mind, then there are stories where an uneducated wife do what an educated one is afraid of, she takes her own ‘decision’ and asserts her presence.

The stories that I liked the most are :

1. A lesson in life from a beggar– This story revolves around Meena, a friend of the author who has a habit of remaining forever unhappy. Her gloom and cynicism had a way of spreading to others. An incident she watches on street in the rainy season changes her approach in life. What do you think that incident could be?

2. Life is an examination– This is a story of Sumitra and Suresh, friends of the author. Sumitra, a bright and sharp student and Suresh not as bright as Sumitra but a very nice person, both fall in love and marry. But life plays its card and they die without any child of their own. But they chose two different paths at the end stages of their lives. Sumitra, the topper of the class fails as a person in life. Their story will make you think: Is life not strange?

The book is short and healthy for beginners and very thought-provoking as a poignant piece of writing for all other readers there. All in all, a good book to freshen up the mind and heart at the same time.


NOTE: The paperback can be ordered online from

(these links are not associated to any paid promotions)


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