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Stefan Keller at Pixabay

They say God is omnipresent, but we cannot see him around in his real kind. Maybe they say is true, maybe not. If what they say is true, is he around me at present, can he see me? I feel if I would see him I might get scared maybe. He must be giant, rugged, wild and for sure not so ordinary like us.

“Aaaarghh! my thoughts, why was I constantly thinking about him during my entire trek to the Mount Everest and now that I have reached the zenith I should be feeling happy and celebrating it with my trek companions but why am I still feeling there is somebody missing amongst us who was constantly there with me throughout the trek and I didn’t notice him but felt his presence next to me all the time. Was it him? The Creator, who is omnipresent.”

We spent a night at the summit to feel ‘the moment of conquering’, when everybody else was in their camps I was sitting outside trying to think about my victory but his thought came again. The creator. This word horripilate me. My mind stops thinking for a moment for I am unable to imagine the immense imagination that it would take to make such a beautiful place like this and the infinite creativity it would need to make such others, each with its own exquisiteness.

I have just explored a tiny bit of it today. What strength he would have pulled in when the day he sat and decided to go on his trek of making the world. I remember my day when I could not make my mind to give up the fear of an uncertain bronchial asthma attack halfway. It was hard for me to win over my anticipation of death on a silent mountain away from my loved ones. Anyways my showing of strength is nothing compared to him.

If you’re omnipresent and listening to me and if you can see me and I can’t, I still want to say that it was you whose presence I missed when I rejoiced my victory. I know it was you who was constantly there beside me during the trek. You were forever with me as those thoughts and didn’t let any space left for the fear of abrupt death in the middle of the way. Today I felt that you, are not only omnipresent but even formless for you can be there even without actually being there in form.

“It feels good to talk to you THE CREATOR.”, I said to the summit on our way back,  thinking him to be sitting there somewhere & being equally sad as I was, on leaving him and his thoughts for the approaching ones.

This is in response to a writing prompt initiated by D. Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror. Thanks, D.Wallace Peach for this challenging mind exercise!





  1. Shubham sharma says:

    What a beautiful piece of thought…. Thank you Miss himani kaushik for giving me a beautiful stuff in this morning . A day starts with reading beautiful lines…. indeed you are very good writer creative mind … I hope you write more thoughts for inspiring us.

    Liked by 1 person

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