The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Blogging

                A great piece to read before you take another step. Truly opened me to  some of the things I was being afraid of . There you bloggers! read this once before taking off the flight to your new journey of blogging….

The Art of Blogging

Let’s be honest for a moment. There’s no substitute for hard work, dedication, time, energy, and passion, and those of you who want a shortcut will be disappointed by this guide.

Of course, there are some things that you must do in order to be successful as a blogger.

So, yeah, let’s get down to business.

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Blogging

  1. Almost Iowa says:

    There is a lot of wisdom in that article, but permit me to qualify some of what was said. Granted that blogs about cooking or books might attract quite a few views, but poetry and fiction will not (with a few exceptions). That should not discourage writers.

    Most blog post will only garner a couple of dozen views and only when the writer engages with other bloggers and thus joins a community – and then only after many months or years. Those who are blogging for fame or fortune should probably find another outlet.

    But those who love to write and love to be among writers will find a home here on WordPress.



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