If you have just explored the incessant reader living inside you but are confused about what to pick up as a beginner then my friend! you are on the right page. If you are unable to pick a good book for yourself don’t worry I am here to help you unravel the passionate reader there in you, I know you’re searching for food to feed the reader inside or else he would die! sad but not. I will help you lit the fire and cook something for him to eat. Here I present the starters for the hungry reader, read the dishes and prepare the meal carefully with accurate and proportionate ingredients you need for your reading partner inside you. Or else the hungry beast could eat you. Beware!


#Dish no.1

It’s called THE ALCHEMISTthe-alchemist-586x900

Paulo Coelho is amongst my favorite writers since college days when I first discovered his book “THE ALCHEMIST”. This book that I saw in hands of a complete stranger and the moment I took a glance at it I so desperately wanted it. The cover page seemed very attractive and positive to me and it said a lot about what it carried inside, the story of a shepherd boy named Santiago who never lost the ray of hope and kept on moving in search of the forgotten treasure which to his surprise, he finds at a place well known to him. The journey he takes, makes the reader learn many of the life lessons, foremost of which is,

When a person desires something, all the universe conspires to help him realize his dreams.”

Trust me, the book will leave you with so much to think and grab that you will feel like reading it again someday.



#Dish no.2

It’s called IF IT’S NOT FOREVER…IT’S NOT LOVE”  ....

For the wannabe readers, a good book to start with. Authored in a duet by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. The genre is Romance and Tragedy. The storyline is so thrilling that while reading you would feel like jumping to the last page and know what actually happens in the end. The story starts with an accident where the survivor Deb finds a half-burnt diary lying at the blast spot and could not stop himself from reading it. What he reads inside moves him, for the diary is a full declaration of love for a girl that the owner of the diary wants to see every next day. Deb decides to find this girl who was the untold love of the dead man whom he couldn’t express his heart to. But when his search ends the reality comes out to be totally different from his anticipations. Although there are two stories running parallel, the reader will move with ease between the two.

Believe me, when you will read the book, you will know it that

If it’s not forever…it’s not love.”



#Dish no.3


Who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter? well to correctly say, who hasn’t lived as a Harry Potter in their fantasies. If you are new to the world of reading then this book will make you fall in love with Potter once again. What the book present’s my friend! the movie can’t. As they say original is always the better. For even if you are one of those creatures who doesn’t know Harry. Don’t worry this book will make you know him for the lifetime.  I would only say very less about him because no words can describe “J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter”. The book is a fantasy novel about a boy named Harry who is a wizard but lives among ordinary people known as muggles. The wizarding world runs parallel to the muggle world. And when Harry reaches Hogwarts, the journey begins.




#Dish no.4

It’s called WISE & OTHERWISEnew-edition

A perfect book by Sudha Murty for the ones new in the world of reading. The simple storytelling style and easy to understand language makes you feel still. Also the stories in the book are poignant and thought-provoking so one will feel very connected throughout the reading.

The book is simply heart -touching that will make you wonder how humans can be so different yet belonging to the same species.

For the detailed book review, you can even check out my blog on NEW AS A READER? This book can Ignite reading in you!.


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#Dish no.5

It’s called WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE?51lwolxdrdl._sx364_bo1,204,203,200_

A book by Robin Sharma the writer of ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, this book yet another on life lessons will make you think about the life you have been following. Personally speaking, I myself fixed many of the things in my life so this is not only a book you can start your reading journey but can also place certain things here and there if something is haywire in your way of living.

This self-help book is a good reading experience that will place and impact on you.


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