While reading today Chapter 6 The law of Detachment the quote that strikes my mind when I am writing this blog is this:

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable unceratinity, not knowing what comes next.”

This chapter has taught me a new life lesson today, not to bother just go with the flow. Don’t pre-decide your reactions to the problem, enjoy the surprises that life gives you.

Narrating you all, what beautiful pearls of wisdom the author pours on us through the chapter after the previous narration of The Law of Intentions & Desires.

The author is asking us to drop all the attachments that we carry in order to achieve all the material things in the universe. But he is making one thing very clear that detachment with the physical universe doesn’t mean you’re giving up the desire and intention to achieve your goals but to give the fear of not achieving it.

He is saying that anything that we acquire through our detachment is purely due to our belief in our self-power. Whereas attachment is based on fright and insecurity which is nothing but not knowing our true self.

If we don’t detach ourselves we become prisoners of hopelessness, mundane needs, quiet depressions and seriousness (which I consider to be the gravest disease a person can have; I prefer sincerity over seriousness). The author is then saying that people are constantly seeking security their entire lives and often think that once they achieve it, then they will fulfill all their heart’s desire. But the sad fact of life is, in search of security we miss the enjoyment of our present (the gift) and neither achieves security ever. Never. He tells what we do is we think “When I will earn X dollars then I’ll be secure. Then I will be financially stable and independent and then I will retire and do what I really wanted to do.” This doesn’t really happen ever and even if it happens then it lasts for a short period because our demands from ourselves never end. The author says that even money cannot bring us security because money itself creates insecurity and in fact, people with the most money are the most insecure. So this search is of nothing but an illusion.

The author is writing that our search for security and certainty is our attachment to the known. And what’s the known? Yes, our past is the only known thing that captivates us and not let us evolve so much so that we one-day stagnate and decay.

He says that uncertainty, the unknown on the other side, is the fertile ground which breeds creativity and freedom. It opens us to the creation of new manifestations. He says when we drop our attachment of the known and enter the world of the unknown we are actually moving into the spectrum of possibilities. This makes every moment on our life exciting and full of adventure and mystery. Life starts becoming magical. We will then every day look for the excitement of what may occur next.

The author says correctly that, we then will not have to think of what we’ll be doing next week or next year. The field of possibilities will itself master the outcome that is intended. He says that if we get attached, we will become rigid in our mindset and will lose out creativity.

One thing that the author wants to make us very clear about is, The Law of Detachment is not contrary to The Law of Intention and Desire. He wants to explain that we can increase our possibilities of choosing amongst infinite options while keeping up our intention and our goals. With detachment, we will never force pre-planned solutions on the problems but will stay alert all the time when any problem occurs which is nothing but the opportunity about which he explained in The Law of Least Effort. So by being uncertain, we can increase our senses of being alert and that will induce us to meet every opportunity with a unique solution and not a forced one. And this is how opportunity becomes the seed for creativity and hence our evolution.

What the author asks us to do for bringing this law into our lives are just 3 simple steps:

  • Never impose ideas of how things should be. Never force solutions on problems thereby creating new problems.
  • Accept uncertainty and solutions will spontaneously emerge to you thus creating a path of security and freedom.
  • And the last, jump into the shades of possibilities and experience the fun, wonder, excitement & magic life offers you.


The author says very aptly that once we do all this above, we will stay alert and solutions will come to us automatically out of the chaos. Thus, when preparedness which is our alertness will meet opportunity that is the problem what comes out is what we call “good luck” a combination of the two. A perfect  recipe for success.

I leave you here pondering on very simple yet thoughtful lines:

I took a test in Existentialism. I left all the answers blank and got 100.” 
― Woody Allen

…to be continued (Chapter 7 The Law of “Dharma”…)



  1. D. Wallace Peach says:

    So interesting, Himani. I haven’t heard uncertainty and detachment connected in this way, but it makes sense. I’ve found that comfort with uncertainty, surrendering the need to know the unknowable, is another key to happiness and peace with the Now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Himani says:

      yes you are right Diana…i myself now wants to stop thinking about what might happen if? just wants to live with uncertainity to get some thrill….as we know protagonists never sit and feel secure they are always surrounded by troubles and that evolves them…isn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

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