Life was going well. I worked in a school teaching children, it gave me inner satisfaction when I quenched the curiosity of little minds who would one day write the future of the world. Its been 10 years now since I and Josh got married. Josh, the love of my life, is a banker with a proper 9 to 5 job. When I return home after my school hours plus the other coaching classes that I give I always find him sitting on the couch watching his favorite shows. Frankly telling you, we hardly spend time together because I have to do other household chores after my busy schedule and then I take some online classes and the day goes off like that and when I keep up everything aside I see Josh snoring on the other side of the bed.

“Josh, do keep your lunch, don’t forget this time” I shout while leaving for my school.

Today I had no extra classes by God’s little pity on me and I was coming home early. While on my way, I had planned something different for the day for me and Josh. So I took some vegetables and fish to prepare his favorite hilsa dish curry which he loves so much so that he can eat it every day with the same craze. Also, I took some sweets for him and headed straight to the home.

But to my surprise, the doors weren’t locked and Josh was already at home. He didn’t tell me in the morning that he took an off even when I packed his lunch he kept quiet and all these questions were confusing me.

“Josh, you had an off, today?”, I asked him politely. But he didn’t reply and that made me more confused and even tensed now because he never behaved that way to me. He seemed quiet and I think a little bothered for he wasn’t watching his show today and was just sitting with some papers in his hands.

I took those papers from his hand for I was not able to get his behavior and I thought they could be the reason for it. I took the papers out, the envelope was already opened. Those were some reports and I couldn’t get them, I am very poor with reading reports and this was some medical report and that made me tauter, he kept silent.

“What is this, Josh? Whose reports are these?” , I tried to inquire for he was sitting numbly.

“My reports”, said he.

“What reports, for what reason you got them?”, I asked him more, for now, I could sense something unsuitable.

” A few days back I had severe pain in my abdomen and I went to get it checked, the doctor asked me to get diagnosed”, he talked to me and suddenly he stood and came towards me with tears in his eyes and all of a sudden he holds me tight and break open his heart.

“I have last stage neuroendocrine tumor”, he said with a shiver in his voice.

For a moment the world stopped and I couldn’t believe what he said and what my ears heard.

“Josh, if this is a joke then it is not funny at all”, I said as tears start to shed for I knew he would never put such a prank.

“What is the cure”, I asked him seriously wiping out my tears.

“It can’t be cured now, I have few weeks left”, he said with grief in his voice.

As he said this I ran to my room and locked myself inside, I could not burst out in front of him. After I cried the whole night blaming God for what he has done I came out of the room holding myself to face him. He wasn’t there in the hall.

“Josh, where are you?”, I shouted for him as I got worried for I realized, I was not with him the entire night and he needed me.

“Here in the kitchen”, he replied.

He was cooking his favorite hilsa by himself when I entered the kitchen. “Come let’s cook together, it has been so long we hadn’t chilled out”, said he with ease in his voice, and that surprised me.

Isn’t it the end of everything you have done in life, isn’t it scary that you know you can be no more any moment and how is he so unaware about this after knowing he has just a few weeks. “No, I can’t pretend to be happy when I am not”, I thought to myself.

“Josh, stop what you’re trying to do”, I said with a serious tone.

“Why stop, you want to be hungry the whole day?”, he said jokingly.

How could he be so cool down when the other day he shattered my world with that news and the next moment he can’t act normal. I knew why he was doing this. I knew he could not leave me unhappy even for a single minute, how can he make me feel worse the entire life of mine.

“Ok, come and let us talk till we get this yummy food prepared”, he took my hands and made me sit on the sofa while himself kneeling down on the floor and looking at me with love in his eyes, I remember those eyes and that affection. Those were the same passionate eyes that looked at me when I met him for the first time for a movie and when our journey as a couple started. He was the first boy I ever watched a movie with and since that day he became the only boy I wanted beside me in the movie halls.

“You know the last night, I had a dream, I saw an angel taking me to a man”, he was saying this that I stopped him in between and asked him to not fool me in his talks, he had the talent to take me away from what I wanted to talk to what he wanted to listen.

“Listen, sweetheart, what that person asked me you know?”, he asked.

“How do I know, it was your dream, not mine.”, I said neutrally.

“He asked me to wish something and he would do that for me” Josh was about to speak that I interrupted, “What did you ask for?”, I asked with curiosity for he had again carried me away from the things I wanted to talk about.


“One more day”, he kissed me on my cheeks and I hugged him tightly trying to understand what he said. “I can’t be lamenting all the time I had with him, I will preserve these moments for my entire life to live upon”, I thought to myself as I pressed him against me more strongly.


6 thoughts on “One More Day! #WRITING PROMPT

  1. Madhukar Kaushik says:

    “Creative people do not see things merely for what they are;
    they see them for what they can be.”

    Very Nice Himani ,this is fabulously written.

    Liked by 1 person

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