Ending the narration with the last Law of Spiritual Success which is Chapter 7 The Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life. Dharma for those who don’t know is a Sanskrit word which means “purpose in life”. The author has very simply explained this law in his chapter and conveys his thoughts on the last law of nature. He is explaining that everybody in on this planet is a spiritual being with divinity and has come into this physical form to fulfill a purpose.

Author’s thoughts will make you ponder about yourself and your purpose. You will for sure think “What could be my purpose for living in this world?” The author has provoked our senses by saying that everyone has a unique talent hidden inside them, something that, they can only do better and no one on the earth could the way they can. He is saying fo the talent we have, there are needs made to be fulfilled only by that talent and when our talent meet those needs or fulfill them it creates unlimited wealth and affluence for us.

He is advising everyone reading the book that if this thought of “everyone on this earth has a unique talent of its own” is fed into the minds of children right from the start then he could turn out to be a true potential in life ahead. And the author shares his personal experience of doing that with his children since the time they were four. He says that he made very clear to his children that he doesn’t want them to perform the best in school or want them to ever think of earning a living but he only wants them to find the hidden talent within them and their purpose in life. And what he really wanted from them is to focus on asking themselves how they can best serve humanity. This could be done with any child that he is told right from the beginning that he has to find the talent in himself that nobody has.

The author further talks about the Law of Dharma, stating the three components that it has:

  • Each of us is here in this world to discover our true self; either we do it through self-introspection or we find something in the outer world to let us know ourselves better. He is asking us to discover our higher version and update ourselves when required.
  •  The second component is to express the unique talents that we possess, feeling that there is no one on this planet that has the same talent as ours. That is there is one thing you can do and one way of doing it that you only know.
  • The last component is, the service to humanity and that we can do by asking yourself a question ” How can I help?”

The author says when all these three things are combined, we attain the purpose of our life hence complete dharma.

Even the author has been telling what can we do in order to make use of this law. He suggests us to make three commitments to ourselves:

  1. First that, I am going to seek my true self, the higher self which is beyond ego.
  2. Second, I am going to discover my unique talent
  3. And third, I am going to not ask “what’s there in for me?” instead ask “what I can do for people around me?”

He is saying further that when our true self with our unique talent and service to humanity are all in sync with each other we can generate all the wealth that we need or want. And, when our creativity will match the need of the fellow humans wealth, will spontaneously come to us. Then we will know the true meaning and joy of success.

I end the narration of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success with these beautiful lines for you to cherish your life moments with:

The Purpose of life is a life of Purpose.”

The End…




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