#Book Review: Rama VS Krishna




(This book is available as Kindle edition )

e-ISBN: 978-9-353-05280-5



Devdutt Pattanaik’s Rama vs Krishna, a kindle edition is yet another attempt to interpret the Hindu mythology and this time he has picked the two most loved incarnations of Hindu Lord Vishnu i.e. Rama from the Ramayana and Krishna from the Mahabharata.

The book with a total of 486 pages will let you dive into a nice comparison done between the two on the basis of their societal commitments, their emotional sides, their abidance by the laws, their role as a son, husband, ruler and many more. 4thThe book even contains some stories linked to other stories from the Hindu mythology like Puranas. Devdutt tries to explain who is correct in his ideals Rama or Krishna? Also, the book places the light on the societal structures at the time of both the characters and why they took the decisions they are known for. It explains in a very easy way and with no in-depth analysis, how the two differed even after being the incarnations of the same Lord Vishnu.

In some parts of the book, it has been very nicely explained what do various symbols and signs in Hinduism represent and what do the various gods and goddesses symbolize.


The book had many a story that I have already listened to, but with a more glimpse and better understanding of the rituals and symbolism of many deities that we follow. For somebody who wants to know what stories bind the Hinduism as a religion can read the book as a beginner and even if you know a lot about the religion but wants to know more of what various other unknown things depict can refer to the book without any hesitation.

The one aspect I liked about this kindle edition is that it carries a glossary at the end which very well explains all the terms he has used in the book. So it becomes very easy even for the ones ignorant about Hinduism or the person who knows very little about it.

And even there is an author’s recommendation at the book’s starting on how to read the book so it becomes a lot easy to understand how to begin with the book. If you know little about Indian mythology or even if you are a personal fan of Devdutt Pattnaik’s books or Indian mythology this book truly deserves your look.

Although the number of pages seemed to be a lot but believe me the language used is utterly simple and the illustrations that he has used in between, will make your reading very quick and short, you might even finish it up in one sitting.




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What do you think about this book? And which one do you admire the most like an ideal and for their decisions: Rama or Krishna? Do share your views. Thanks





NOTE: The book review is totally based on my personal interpretation of the book. No biases involved.





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