6 Books to Increase your Motivation!!

Have you ever felt that you are not matching the standards you built for yourself when you thought of conquering your little world in your twenties? Or have you ever felt that there is something missing in your life, maybe some habit of yours that you are not able to give up in spite of knowing that it is causing much ruin to you than anyone else? Or for another case have you ever felt that you are not able to give your best in your field or profession? Don’t worry my friend you are on the right page as I have a solution to a lot of your problems. Now you might wonder what can I do? I can suggest you something that helped me when I go through the same kind of questions in my mind or I face similar situations and I think nobody else except you yourself can take this out of your mind. So how are you going to do that, of course, Books! There is a very famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt which says:

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

And you just have to follow these lines in your life. The best way to learn from other people is through the books they have left for us. Here I will suggest you some that I feel can bring anybody on its original track if they are feeling distracted by any sort of random thoughts and doubts about their capabilities. So here you go! BOOOOMMM!!!







A motivational book by Napolean Hill, THINK AND GROW RICH will not only teach you how you to be rich but it is more than that. It has many Philosophies of different people who have achieved success in their lives and Napolean for many years collected interviews from almost 500 successful business magnates and results in, into a book which will surely help you believe in yourself and let you explore your inner potentials.

The book is very simple to read and understand and for a better approach while reading, is divided into 13 chapters. It will help person from any filed or profession and will enthuse a desire in you to excel in your work be it anything.



512bnhx4girlA self-help book by none other than Robin SharmaTHE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI is a fiction tale taken from the author’s life of leaving his career as a litigation lawyer at the age of 25 and doing what his heart felt like. It is a narration where Julian Mantle, the protagonist is telling his friend John of how he left his job as a high profile attorney sold his home and a red Ferrari to take a journey to the Himalayas. The book will make you think of what your heart desires of and are you able to listen to what it has to say to you?. It will help you explore your inner self that is your true self. And if you are struggling with yourself and trying to find the true meaning in your life, I would recommend that you go for the book. The book will really give your mind a wave of peace and might let you on the path that Julian follows. Who Knows?



91l2b4n9jhhlThe next one that I am going to unpack will make you think about the limitations that you have placed on yourself which are your self imposed one and not by anybody else. Yes, my friend who hasn’t heard about Nick Vujicic and if you haven’t then the book is an opportunity. Honestly telling you, my father is not accustomed to books and reading but he knows Nick very well because of the exceptional boundaries and limitations he has overcome in his life and proved the world that nothing is unattainable because the restrictions are just in our mind and not outside us. And his Book LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS: INSPIRATION FOR A RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LIFE is a way you can know him and his achievements. This Book will give you strength and you will stop giving yourself excuses about why you can’t do certain things you want or wanted to do in life. To burn down your curiousness, Nick Vujicic is a man born without arms and legs and the book is about how he overcame his disabilities into opportunities for himself. This book reveals how even after being born like this his faith in God did not diminish. And today here he is, a role model for many in the world. Do read the book even if you are a non-reader because knowing somebody like Nick will make you wonder about your hidden abilities that you haven’t discovered yet.




51hp353jmvlThe next book in the queue which is also non-fiction by Jerry Weintraub, a self-made Hollywood producer has sold almost 10,000 copies worldwide and this one he wrote a little late in his 70s because of his thoughts that “If an old man is not a teacher, he’s not doing his job”. The book is called WHEN I STOP TALKING, YOU’LL KNOW I’M DEAD. The name itself is very thrilling and will make you feel that death is standing somewhere near and watching us. The book has so many nice quotes inside that you will be pondering every minute about the deep lines said but he has not forgotten to include fun he has had all through his life fulfilling his dream. The book revolves around Jerry’s life which has been full of adventure, ups and downs and still he made it. Because he said and I quote “The person who makes it, is the person who keeps on going after everyone else has quit”. So if you are in search of somebody older to give you wisdom but not in a strict tone then do pick this book for yourself.




51avb-ntjxl._sx323_bo12c2042c2032c200_The book I am going to reveal to you now is a book by Randy Pausch and his profession matched his book title, he was a computer science professor who was accustomed to giving lectures and the books tells a story how a lecture of his life actually becomes his last. This book THE LAST LECTURE is based on a lecture that Randy delivers titled ‘Really achieving your childhood dreams’. The lecture that he delivers was a part of series running where the top academics are asked to speak assuming it to be their final talk and what wisdom they would impart considering it to be the last chance to speak. So a month before giving lecture Randy is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The lectures he delivers is humorous and inspirational at the same time. He narrates a few lessons he has learned throughout his life and the lines that I will now quote from the book will make you decide whether this book is worth your look or not. He says and I quote “It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself, the dreams will come to you.”  I know a lot of you there reading this review might be thinking right now how life can sometimes play with us and we don’t even realize and the moment we do there is nothing in our hands. But this is how life is; not fair so we should get used to it.




51ijormflkl._sx329_bo12c2042c2032c200_My next one for you is a Book called SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU by Cal Newport published in 2012. This book talks about something that we have never heard off from anybody who is motivating us. Yes! It says ‘not to follow your passion’ just because it’s said that you succeed when you follow your passion. This book is for you if you don’t love the work you are in. It will help you do it by telling you how to love your work, collect skills and take control of it. The author explains about the myth of following your passion only then you will succeed, through his own life where he has to choose between a job at Microsoft, a professorship at Georgetown University or a career as a full-time writer. He explains throughout how everything that we take on has to have a rough start and it is only through our acquisition of new skills and constant learning that we master in anything. This book is for you if you are in a dilemma of choosing between your passion or your profession and this book is for you if you feel like leaving your job because you feel you haven’t got what you wanted. The book will make you think the other way round and will help you love what you do.

The books I have recommended above are from the list of a huge number of motivational and self-help books out there and I could have listed a hundred of them but to keep it simple and less confusing for the readers so that they can easily decide as to which book should they pick first I have kept the list short and sweet. And I hope you portion out your share of motivation in one of these books.

You can Purchase the books  @amazon  or @Flipkart




If you liked the books I have recommended do share your thoughts with me. I would also love to hear from you about your favorite book that motivates you. Thank you for reading!



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