10 Quotes from Books that will exhort you for Life!!

The best way for me to end any discussion has always been a nice, pertinent quote from some book and truly speaking book quotes have every time helped me out in impressing people after I end speaking. Not just that these quotations have saved me a clap after my extempore or my debate competitions but they have always had an impact on me and my approach to life. They have always made me sit and ponder the hidden meaning behind them. Sometimes they have even made my character stronger than before and my perspective on anything much better. I am so obsessed with quotes that I have three diaries filled with them and have become habitual of writing anything interesting that I read from any book. I even like to sit and read it in my free time or at times I am on my rock-bottom version. They have backed me up all the time and never ever disappointed me.

I feel like sharing these wonderful quotes with a hope that you may feel equally energized and similarly philosophical as I do when I read them….so here I go with my first favorite!


The moment we put limits on our imagination, creativity shuts down.”



This one is from a book I read that is called “How to be like Walt” by James D. Denney and Pat Williams. This was a book on Walt Disney, the creator of Disneyland, a dream of every child. The book is full of many such other lines which have inspired me in my teenage and have made me dream for the kind of future I wanted to have ahead. It was after reading this book that I realized the power of dreaming and dreaming big. And also I felt strongly that if you have dreams to fulfill, you have to go after them and make them real. This book is for anybody chasing their dreams in life.

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Long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of god.”



These beautiful lines that always make me realize my worth in the world is from the book by Rick Warren named The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I here for?. Whenever I read this one, I start feeling as if I am not in any supporting role but have been taken into consideration for a specific role in this world. I feel myself to be the part of this world which Shakespeare calls ‘The Stage’ and I have a role to play as well.

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Age only slows down those who never had the courage to walk at their own pace.”



So well said, as they say, age is just a number and this one on age from The Zahir, a book by Paulo Coelho is a book about man’s obsessions with certain ideas in the world and how to get away with them. You will find the book full of such interesting lines which will place a questioning mind on things you have pre-judged and thoughts you have carried on for a long time. One of which that I like the most is “We must eat three meals a day, even if we’re not hungry and when we fail to fit the current idea of beauty we must fast, even if we are hungry.” This is the one that I tell my mother when she is always behind me cramming about that I don’t eat. I ask her to drop this obsession with eating. haha…

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Cindrella never asked for a Prince. She asked for a night off & a dress.”



This quote from The Selection series by Kiera Cass is the one that always reminds me of the fun that a night off can bring in anybody’s life. And even this will also trigger your thoughts that you don’t have to wander in search for the one made for you. When the moment is right and it is meant to be, you will surely find your soulmate just like Cinderella did. Even a shoe of yours can take you to your Prince charming or the other way round to your Princess to be.

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Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”



Brida by Paulo Coelho is always one of my most cherished books since it introduced me to some very fascinating concepts like what is actually a soulmate, how the night is also a part of the day and we should feel safe in it and many more. But the one I have quoted here is that changed my perception towards others and their ways of thinking and has made me more patient with listening to people since what they say is not completely wrong in all sense. And after any arguments with anyone, this thought always triggers me and it helps me in understanding people on their part. I would even suggest you read the book once, for its very fascinating.

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When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.”



This is actually an Ancient saying but I have read these lines at the back cover of the book “Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer but by his name someone might interpret he is an Indian writer. The book is full of quotes by many famous people but this one at the back has inspired me to build beautiful memories so that the day I leave, people feel for me and my absence. This has always inspired me to be forgiving, loving, caring and to be benevolent because this is what we cherish about people when they are not with us. As poet Auden once said, “love each other or perish”.

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There is no such thing as death. Life existed before we were born & will continue to exist after we leave this world.”



These thought-provoking lines are from another book by Paulo Coelho named By the river Piedra I sat down and wept. These lines always make me understand life whenever I have gone through any shaking experiences Or when I am unable to digest some shocking moments in my life but when I remember these lines they hold me quite well and have a very deep meaning for me.


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Accept what you’re able to do & what you’re not able to do”; “accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it”;”learn to forgive yourself and to forgive others”; “don’t assume that it’s too late to get involved.”



The lines from Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom are in a complete sense a solution to many of our life problems. The problems of our uninterrupted haunting past, the problem of not forgiving people and sometimes ourselves for many a life mistakes and the problem of thinking that it’s too late now. All the problems are solved in this one quote. The book, in fact, is itself a big life lesson by a dying man and something that will interest people who belong to the world of philosophies and are lost in the worldly questions.

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I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”



These very fascinating lines are from the famous book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. These lines remind me of the person I was and how far I have come now, also whenever I am lost in the thoughts of the mistakes I did in the past and I daydream of another plotting for the situation about how I could have reacted otherwise, these lines shake me and say me to come out. I was fine then and I am fine now as well. The only difference is the growth I have attained from then to now.

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This one by Dr.Seuss is for all those who are thinking about what to do when they are gloomy and sad or when they are confused and don’t know how to spend their time which might get wasted otherwise. And this quote is for all the book lovers and all the wannabe book lovers.

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a Book.”



How did you like the Quotes? Do share your views on it and also I would love to hear which Quote it is that you look up to the most? Thank you!


6 thoughts on “10 Quotes from Books that will exhort you for Life!!

  1. trinitygrau says:

    I love quotes and some of my favorites are from Walt Disney. Three of my favorites ever: “To liv would be an awfully big adventure.” – Peter Pan “Don’t be afraid of death, Winnie. Be afraid of the unlived life.” – Tuck Everlasting “Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” – Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (okay, the last one’s a film, I’ll admit, but it’s too good!). Great posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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