The Kingdom of Elephantine- FEBRUARY’S #WRITING PROMPT

Once upon a time, there was the ‘Kingdom of Elephantine‘. The King elephant and the Queen Elephanta were very unhappy because they did not have any baby Elephanty even after 10 years of their marriage. They went to every place they were told by the intellectuals of their kingdom and the Queen Elephanta did all that was asked from her for getting conceived but nothing worked. Then one day, a Priest Mouse came, to talk to the king and asked that if he and her queen wanted their heir, they would have to go and see a new doctor in the kingdom who has been recently transferred from the kingdom of Foxes. The priest told that she is called ‘Savvy-the Fox’.

The king and queen thought of trying for the last time and went to the new fox doctor in the kingdom. The new doctor was very strict with her patients and she scolded Queen Elephanta that since she did not eat healthy food in her teenage so now she was unfit for a baby so, she will have to go on a Good and nutritious diet for getting ready for the new one to come. The queen did whatever Dr.Savvy-the Fox told her. Although she was confused about how can not eating proper food lead to ‘no baby’. But she tried to trust the doctor. Miraculously, she got pregnant and thanked the doctor for helping her at the time when she had lost all hopes and told her that she would now promote healthy food eating habits in the teenagers of the kingdom.

The king and the queen loved their new Baby Elephanty too much and never left him out of their sight for even a while. They were very protective and overly possessive for their only child that was born out of so many year’s hard tries.

One day when the king and queen were taking their baby elephanty for a walk outside, it was winters and the snow was descending. The whole kingdom was covered with snow like a sheet of white cloth. The baby elephanty ran here and there and tried to play with the snow around. He ran and ran playing with his mother and sometimes with his father. He tried to run away from them in order to scare them and as he was running on and on, in the spur of the moment he got himself hit into a small tree on which lived the family of the Priest Mouse. The family of the mouse was having a good time in the snow at the roof of their house but by the sudden hard hit with some elephantine, their house fell off from the tree and the little newborn mouse fell on the ground from a height that made him unconscious.

feb prompt.jpg

The baby elephanty worried and scared by the scene started to look around for his parents but in his running away from them, he had come too far and they were still chasing him behind. The priest mouse in his misconception that the newborn is dead furiously, cursed the baby elephanty that he will also, in the same way, lose his parents just as he did his child. The moment he said this, the Queen and the King came around and saw what happened. The priest recognized that the baby elephanty he has cursed is none other than the only child of the king and the queen.

The king immediately took the unconscious mouse from the ground and ran with him in his trunk straight to the hospital of the Savvy-the fox. The queen and the baby elephanty too ran behind him. The Priest mouse with his family chased the three elephants and saw that they have admitted his newborn in the hospital and was getting him first-aid. Looking at this, the priest mouse felt guilty about the curse that he has just now poured on the baby elephanty and realized that the hit was not deliberate but an accident.

The priest mouse went to the king and told him about the curse he gave. The queen on hearing this got extremely worried but the priest now guilty conscience and with tears in his eyes asked for apologies and told the King that he would pray to God every day that such a curse never occur true. The priest mouse apologized from the baby elephanty as well for his impulsive behaviour and promised him to never utter bad words for anybody in the future in the heat of the moment. The baby elephanty took the priest mouse in his trunk and placed him on his back forgiving him by blowing a big Trumpet!!!!!!

Moral: Never in an impulse, utter bad words for people, for the mistake can be an accident and not a deliberate action against you.





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