Why you don’t MAKE your own CHOICE: 5 BOOKS that may help you!

What if I did not live up to the expectations of my parents? What if I failed and my neighbours get to know this? What if my friends came to know that I am not getting the job they thought I would easily get into? What if I meet my relatives and they ask me, what am I doing these days? What if I remained a liability for the entire life? What if I failed in my interview for a job? What if I do not end up with something big in life, that I dreamt of since childhood?

What if?

These questions have surrounded us all since the time we moved out of our college and went into the real world. We were supposed to make a “CHOICE”. A choice that would seem perfectly matched to our capabilities and interests. Although, some of us end up making choices that neither matches our own expectations and most of the times our interests. Why do we then get into such decisions, when we know that it can cost us our life’s happiness and mental peace?

I thought about it and some of the points struck me through my personal experiences in life.

  • We see ourselves through the lens of “others” and their perspective about us makes us think in a wrong way of our own strengths and likeness. We start assuming those opinions to be our characteristics.

Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”

                                                                                                                               – Les Brown

  • We get “emotional” while making choices and think of not hurting the expectations of people who love us. (But the people who love us would never want us to be unhappy. Just think of this before making your choice!)
  • At times, many of us are surrounded by people who are dominating and less understanding, they start making choices for us and we “accept” them silently.
  • Also, wrong choices are made when we keep our own interests aside and think of fulfilling other people’s predictions about us and we end up with dissatisfaction for our entire life.
  • Sometimes, we do not take stand for our decisions at the right moment and realise our folly later which cannot be reverted then. So, if your heart says you want to do something, listen to it at the right moment, before it gets too late.
  • Also, lack of proper information about our interests and inadequate knowledge while making our decisions, don’t let us win arguments when others try to convince us that we are making wrong decisions.
  • Many struggles with their parents for their choices, I just want to say one thing to them, they are your parents, they may not like your decisions initially but if you prove that you will succeed and give your best, they would surely listen. Even if you do not end up with something big with your decision, your parents will never leave your side. You just need to express!
  • Communication gap with the parents is the biggest factor that we end up taking wrong decisions sometimes.
  • It is not always the parents who don’t let us do things of our choices but sometimes outsiders also influence us to the wrong directions, for that I would say don’t share your heart with someone, who will not get your point because, in the end, they will only fill you with doubts and can switch your decisions towards a wrong and different path.

I would just say “Regret of not doing what you loved is greater than the regret of not doing what others said.” At the end what matters to you is “you” yourself and your mental state during your entire life ahead. In the world today, when everybody is in a race to win, you can only participate when your mind is in a state of bliss and your soul feels satisfied but if your mind is full of regrets of wrong decisions, regrets of not doing your heart, regrets of listening to others, you will never have peace with yourself.

Make a wise choice, a choice that is yours. Stand up for yourself!


Pick a Book when you feel stuck somewhere and do not find an option. Reading is to mind, what exercise is to the body.

There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it.” 

                                                                 ― Shannon L. Alder













Do share your thoughts about choice making and how you like the post. Also if you have any book that has helped you polish your decision making, share with us and the readers. Thank you!

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