Title: The Code of Manavas (Maha Vishnu Trilogy: Part 1)

Author: Arpit Bakshi

Genre: Literature/Fiction/ Sci-Fi/ Mythology

Publication: Rupa Publication India

ISBN: 978-93-5304-120-5

Length: 295 Pages

Source: KP Review (@kp_reviews)

The Code of Manavas (Maha Vishnu Trilogy: Part 1) is the mixture of Genres that I have never discovered before and I was scared whether I will love reading it. Doubts were frightening me and the scariest was, I shouldn’t be wasting my time reading the book, BUT!!! to my surprise, the journey with the book was full of anticipation of an approaching climax, and all the shivery feelings totally vanished. I am happy that I pluck the book for an experiment with the Genre. So. Let’s discuss the book in detail🤠




The Code of Manavas, Part 1 of Maha Vishnu Trilogy, is set some two million years past AD 2050. A new race, Manava, now exist on Bhoomi (the erstwhile Earth). They are divided into two city-states of Madhavpur and Ayudhpur.




The protagonist, Krishna who has been made to resemble a bit with the Indian Mythological character Krishna of Gita but is different in a sense that he is the Chief Scientific Advisor of the Research Organisation of planet Bhoomi. Yes, the planet is called Bhoomi (erstwhile Earth) since the last excavation and migration from the planet Earth. Why did that happen? Because humans have sucked Earth dry of all her resources 2 million years ago. She nurtured them and humans poisoned her. They, the Manavas were living off borrowed time. Yes, the Manava is the redefined race of humans who exploited earth to an extent that not many lived and those who survived had to be migrated to the only safest place left on the planet, the Gangetic plains of India, which were living lives organically and was the only place where Bhoomidium-1008 induction experiment was successful. People from other places were migrated on certain terms and conditions. Amongst those migrants was Krishna, one arm behind the exploration of the elixir Bhoomidium. Bhoomidium was the only element that has kept them young and healthy for ages, the last hope of survival. But something still causes a threat to the survival of the Manava race. What is it? The levels of Bhoomidium are fast depleting and it would soon lead to an extinction of the entire upgraded race if something is not done immediately. Its a make or break situation for them. Krishna is aware of the situation beforehand and runs a secret mission called Cafe Evolution to find another habitable planet in some distant universe. Will he be able to find something of that sort? If yes, will there be anything stopping him from doing so? Will he be able to fight the evil forces trying to cause obstructions? Or will he fall into evil traps forever? These questions will surely make you turn the pages ahead.


the code of manavas.jpgcode of manava review photo.jpg


Krishna at times remembers the love of his life. Radhika and Krishna departed aeons ago, before the starting of the Swarnim Yuga(after 2050 AD ), after the mega migration was executed. They both chose different paths. But what made Radhika chose such heart-breaking route? Why did she leave Krishna, the love of her life? Will Krishna ever meet her again? If he does so, will she come back into his life? Will they be together again forever this time? Or not? If not, why? These questions really intrigued me and I know you want to know the answers too. But the most gripping question was:

Whether dinosaurs were dumb as other reptiles or had a fair amount of cognitive skills?

The book will surely engage you till the end and you will be lost in the kind of imagination the author has placed inside.

I liked the way the author has interconnected the different phases and described them so well. Nowhere I felt lost or disoriented from the touch of the story. Everything was well interwoven and every chapter placed another engrossing twist in the story.

I found the story to be unique so far in my reading journey which may not be long but Yes! this story was different. A perfect blend of Science and Mythology. I will end the bookish discussion with some of my favourite lines from the book:

When life becomes a mere struggle for existence, you concentrate on finding a purpose.



starstarstarhalf star..












Arpit Bakshi has studied electrical engineering and has an MBA in finance from the University of RPI, Troy, New York. He now works for a prominent Indian bank. Arpit had initially wanted to pursue a career in theoretical physics, but ended up opting for engineering (as most students of science in India tend to do).

Since his childhood, two things have never failed to amaze him—the vast expanse of the cosmos; and the unfathomable depth of Indian mythology and spirituality. He believes that one should never stop learning, and it is his love for science that has gravitated him towards writing this mythology-inspired science fiction.

Arpit is based in Gurgaon, India.

Connect with Arpit Bakshi:

Twitter:  @KrishnaJournals 

Instagram: @author_arpitArpit Bakshi

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Have you ever read a book from this genre? What do you think about this book? Do share your thoughts on it with me in the comments below. I would love to read them!



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