Which are the top 5 must-read Books by Paulo Coelho?

I still remember the day when I saw a girl in my college carrying a book in her hand and of course, that attracted me because books have a magnetic effect that I am unable to resist. Luckily, the girl was my friend's friend and she approached us to talk and YaaY! I could now … Continue reading Which are the top 5 must-read Books by Paulo Coelho?



Title: A Year of Wednesdays Author: Sonia Bahl Genre: Fiction Publication: Fingerprint! Length: 279 Pages Source: KP Reviews   A flight from New Delhi to new York. Two strangers, seat 7A and seat 7B, who have nothing in common. Absolutely nothing. Except they are both hoping the seat next to theirs remains empty. It doesn't. Mid-flight turbulence … Continue reading #BOOKREVIEW : A YEAR OF WEDNESDAYS BY SONIA BAHL 🌸🗓


10 Quotes from Books that will exhort you for Life!!

The best way for me to end any discussion has always been a nice, pertinent quote from some book and truly speaking book quotes have every time helped me out in impressing people after I end speaking. Not just that these quotations have saved me a clap after my extempore or my debate competitions but … Continue reading 10 Quotes from Books that will exhort you for Life!!

#Book Review: Tuesdays With Morrie

Title: TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE Author: MITCH ALBOM Latest Edition: By Sphere in 2017 Pages: 201 ISBN: 978-0-7515-2737-7 Source: Self-purchased Tuesdays with Morrie is a non-fiction and a philosophical book which is about the last days' conversation between a man who is the author himself with his teacher Morrie Schwartz whom he admires in his college … Continue reading #Book Review: Tuesdays With Morrie


Ending the narration with the last Law of Spiritual Success which is Chapter 7 The Law of "Dharma" or Purpose in Life. Dharma for those who don't know is a Sanskrit word which means "purpose in life". The author has very simply explained this law in his chapter and conveys his thoughts on the last … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF “DHARMA”


While reading today Chapter 6 The law of Detachment the quote that strikes my mind when I am writing this blog is this: The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable unceratinity, not knowing what comes next." This chapter has taught me a new life lesson today, not to bother just go with the … Continue reading # NARRATION: THE LAW OF DETACHMENT


In my last narration The law of Karma, we read the author's opinion on how does karma or The Law of Cause and Effect lead to a conscious choice making and how we could imbibe that in our lives for making the right choices at the right moment. Moving ahead with our next chapter The … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF “LEAST EFFORT”


After THE LAW OF GIVING, we are ready to discover the next chapter of the book which says The Law of “Karma” or Cause and Effect. Title of the chapter sounds very similar to Newton’s 3rd law of motion “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. The author at the very start of the chapter is explaining … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF “KARMA”