Review Policy



I’m open to reviewing books (Both English & Hindi). I accept Physical copies, Kindle editions, PDF, mobi, epub formats.

My preferred genres are:

  1. Contemporary
  2. Historical
  3. Literary Fiction
  4. Mystery & Thriller
  5. Biographies & Autobiographies
  6. Philosophical
  7. Psychology
  8. Non-Fiction
  9. Self Help Books
  10. Inspirational
  11. Short Stories
  12. chick lit
  13. Romance

I would review other genres as well except for content inducing hatred against race, religion or a sect of society.

  • Also, I post my reviews on all the platforms i.e. My Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram and if any other platform specified by the Author.
  • I at least need a time period of 3 weeks to read and write my reviews because I actually read the book and I am a human so takes time. LOL

In my reviews, I give Publishing details and discuss briefly the Synopsis followed by my interpretations of the book and my thoughts and views involved would be genuine and based on my true impression formed while reading the book. Needless to say, I write honest reviews. No biases involved. I am of the view that every Book has its own reader so it doesn’t mean that a book not liked by one cannot be liked by any. Therefore if due to some reasons I did not like any portion of the book, I would mention the reason why and would also suggest who may like it and would love reading it. So my motive will always be to highlight the positives of the books.

You can mail me at with “REVIEW REQUEST” in the subject line, you can even contact me through my blog or DM me on my INSTAGRAM HANDLE @booksn_sstuff

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