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In Conversation With “D.Wallace Peach” from “MythsOfTheMirror🐉” #AuthorInterview

Omigod! I am just so super excited to start with my Author Interview Series with one of my favourite Blogger (Myths of the Mirror) who is equally an awesome Fantasy writer. I personally like her more because she has helped me extract my (not-so-great, being humble☺) writing talent, hidden deep inside some dark corner of … Continue reading In Conversation With “D.Wallace Peach” from “MythsOfTheMirror🐉” #AuthorInterview


The Kingdom of Elephantine- FEBRUARY’S #WRITING PROMPT

Once upon a time, there was the 'Kingdom of Elephantine'. The King elephant and the Queen Elephanta were very unhappy because they did not have any baby Elephanty even after 10 years of their marriage. They went to every place they were told by the intellectuals of their kingdom and the Queen Elephanta did all … Continue reading The Kingdom of Elephantine- FEBRUARY’S #WRITING PROMPT


Stefan Keller at Pixabay They say God is omnipresent, but we cannot see him around in his real kind. Maybe they say is true, maybe not. If what they say is true, is he around me at present, can he see me? I feel if I would see him I might get scared maybe. He … Continue reading THE CREATOR- JANUARY’S #WRITING PROMPT