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In Conversation With Vicky ❤#INTERVIEWSERIES #BOOKBLOGGER📚📚📚#VickywhoReads🤓

This is my third interview in the series and this time I am with an amazing YA Book Blogger, Vicky. She runs an awe-inspiring  Book Blog Vicky Who Reads. Vicky is not only a fantastic Book Blogger but an incredible Graphics Designer and I personally love her work because her designs are eye-catchy, unique and … Continue reading In Conversation With Vicky ❤#INTERVIEWSERIES #BOOKBLOGGER📚📚📚#VickywhoReads🤓



Ending the narration with the last Law of Spiritual Success which is Chapter 7 The Law of "Dharma" or Purpose in Life. Dharma for those who don't know is a Sanskrit word which means "purpose in life". The author has very simply explained this law in his chapter and conveys his thoughts on the last … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF “DHARMA”


After The Law of least effort, moving forward with chapter 5 The Law of Intention and Desire, which has become my personal favorite as it really touched my heart and made me think for a while about the odds I sometimes face. So this reading has given me a new perspective today creating a wide … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF INTENTION AND DESIRE


In my last narration The law of Karma, we read the author's opinion on how does karma or The Law of Cause and Effect lead to a conscious choice making and how we could imbibe that in our lives for making the right choices at the right moment. Moving ahead with our next chapter The … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF “LEAST EFFORT”


After discovering THE LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY in our previous narration, the book now takes us to chapter 2 The Law of Giving which Deepak is saying can also be called the law of Giving and Receiving. He is explaining the law by telling how the universe simply operates. For him the universe is dynamic that is constantly … Continue reading #NARRATION:THE LAW OF GIVING

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Blogging

                A great piece to read before you take another step. Truly opened me to  some of the things I was being afraid of . There you bloggers! read this once before taking off the flight to your new journey of blogging….

The Art of Blogging

Let’s be honest for a moment. There’s no substitute for hard work, dedication, time, energy, and passion, and those of you who want a shortcut will be disappointed by this guide.

Of course, there are some things that you must do in order to be successful as a blogger.

So, yeah, let’s get down to business.

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