After discovering THE LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY in our previous narration, the book now takes us to chapter 2 The Law of Giving which Deepak is saying can also be called the law of Giving and Receiving. He is explaining the law by telling how the universe simply operates. For him the universe is dynamic that is constantly … Continue reading #NARRATION:THE LAW OF GIVING



After a brief introduction of the book (THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS) that I did in the narration a day before let's move on to the book's chapter 1 The Law of Pure Potentiality. Deepak here is talking to us about the 'Pure consciousness' that he calls 'Pure potentiality' of a being. He says … Continue reading #NARRATION:THE LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY


This is a book by DEEPAK CHOPRA writer of many other books including Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Creating Affluence, Unconditional Life, Return of Rishi. This book The seven spiritual laws of success is trying to redefine success and is giving it a better frame by removing the old approach of looking at it through the lens of … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS

NEW AS A READER? this book can Ignite reading in you!

This blog is especially for those who are new into reading and don't carry many books in their bucket list or the ones who want to begin reading but are confused which book to pick up? Here is a simple, plain to read and easy to grasp book for you all to develop a love … Continue reading NEW AS A READER? this book can Ignite reading in you!