Why you don’t MAKE your own CHOICE: 5 BOOKS that may help you!

What if I did not live up to the expectations of my parents? What if I failed and my neighbours get to know this? What if my friends came to know that I am not getting the job they thought I would easily get into? What if I meet my relatives and they ask me, … Continue reading Why you don’t MAKE your own CHOICE: 5 BOOKS that may help you!



Ending the narration with the last Law of Spiritual Success which is Chapter 7 The Law of "Dharma" or Purpose in Life. Dharma for those who don't know is a Sanskrit word which means "purpose in life". The author has very simply explained this law in his chapter and conveys his thoughts on the last … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF “DHARMA”


While reading today Chapter 6 The law of Detachment the quote that strikes my mind when I am writing this blog is this: The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable unceratinity, not knowing what comes next." This chapter has taught me a new life lesson today, not to bother just go with the … Continue reading # NARRATION: THE LAW OF DETACHMENT


After The Law of least effort, moving forward with chapter 5 The Law of Intention and Desire, which has become my personal favorite as it really touched my heart and made me think for a while about the odds I sometimes face. So this reading has given me a new perspective today creating a wide … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF INTENTION AND DESIRE


In my last narration The law of Karma, we read the author's opinion on how does karma or The Law of Cause and Effect lead to a conscious choice making and how we could imbibe that in our lives for making the right choices at the right moment. Moving ahead with our next chapter The … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE LAW OF “LEAST EFFORT”


After discovering THE LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY in our previous narration, the book now takes us to chapter 2 The Law of Giving which Deepak is saying can also be called the law of Giving and Receiving. He is explaining the law by telling how the universe simply operates. For him the universe is dynamic that is constantly … Continue reading #NARRATION:THE LAW OF GIVING


After a brief introduction of the book (THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS) that I did in the narration a day before let's move on to the book's chapter 1 The Law of Pure Potentiality. Deepak here is talking to us about the 'Pure consciousness' that he calls 'Pure potentiality' of a being. He says … Continue reading #NARRATION:THE LAW OF PURE POTENTIALITY


This is a book by DEEPAK CHOPRA writer of many other books including Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Creating Affluence, Unconditional Life, Return of Rishi. This book The seven spiritual laws of success is trying to redefine success and is giving it a better frame by removing the old approach of looking at it through the lens of … Continue reading #NARRATION: THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS